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FRANK - Fast Randomized Algorithm for gene Network Knowledge simulation

FRANK is a gene transcription network simulator

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 Number of Transcription Factorsmin: maximum sparsity + 1
max: 3000
 Number of TArget genesmax: 30000
 Number of eigenvalues of the TF matrix on the unit circle1   2   3   4   5
6   7   8   9   10
 Value of the variance of the noise added to the log-normal observationsdefault value is 0, meaning no noise
 Time-serie observations (dynamic) or independante stability states (multi-start)dynamic    multi-start    -    nb expce 
 produce an heatmap of the output (nTF or nTA > 2000 it can takes long time)
 produce a summary of the shifting
 This program was written by Clément Carré. Interactive use on this web server is free to academic use.

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